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SERIES LTTJ , DWYER ,Current Transformer

0 to 10 VDC Analog Output, Fully Adjustable Output, Over Voltage Protection

Love Controls LTTJ Series Current Transformers allow easy monitoring of the current flowing to your load. This easy to use device provides a 0 to 10 VDC signal into both low and high impedance circuits, and is easily scalable to your needs.

Available in a number of different ranges, the LTTJ Series can be easily mounted on most LTP Series Solid State Relays for convenient wiring. Some models feature an LED for visual confirmation that current is flowing through the device.

SERIES CCT40/50 , DWYER ,Current Transformer

The Series CCT40/50 Current Transformers are a low cost alternative for measuring power and monitoring the operation of fans, pumps, or other equipment. For use on existing installations, split core models can be installed without disconnecting cables. Each model offers three jumper selectable ranges and a choice of three different outputs.

Series CCS , DWYER ,Current Switch

The SERIES CCS Current Switches are ideal for monitoring the operating status of fans, pumps, and motors. These self-powered switches can be hung or tied directly to cables or wires. For use on existing installations, split core models can be installed without disconnecting cables. LED indicators provide a visual confirmation that the current is flowing through the core. Both fixed and adjustable set points are available. The adjustable models utilize a potentiometer to easily adjust the set point.

SERIES MCS, DWYER Miniature Current Switch

The SERIES MCS Miniature Current Switches are ideal for monitoring the current usage in fuse boxes and small control panels. Both models have adjustable set points and LED indication to show there is power to the unit and when the switch activates. Set points can be adjusted using the potentiometer next to the LED’s. Due to the size of the switch, it is only offered in solid core and no core versions. The no core version has terminal blocks which can accept currents up to 1 A directly into the unit.

SERIES SSCS, DWYER ,Sure-Set Current Switchy

SERIES SSCS SURE-SET CURRENT SWITCH provides a unique approach to calibration and installing current sensors in a low cost, fast, and accurate design. Selecting the set point has never been easier, with each model having 9 preconfigured adjustable HP set points. This feature eliminates the need to work within a live enclosure, reducing the risk of arc flash on installation.

Series AN2 , DWYER ,Indicating Alarm Annunciator

The Series AN2 Indicating Alarm Annunciator provides visible and audible alarms for up to eight inputs. The annunciator also has two SPDT relay outputs that can be used to initiate external alarms, buzzers, or paging devices. The Integral 24 VDC power supply can power most level, temperature, pressure, and flow switches. Audible alarm conditions can be acknowledged, reset, or silenced either via the front panel push buttons or the rear terminal block. The Series AN2 can be set to any common ISA sequences including First-Out.

SERIES NSS , DWYER , Non-Contact Speed Switch)

The Series NSS are self-contained rotation monitoring systems that are ideal for detecting the unwanted slowdown of process equipment. These systems bring efficiency and safety to your operations by preventing machine damage, product waste and costly downtime. The non-contact speed switch is commonly used to monitor drive trains, power-driven components, crushers, exhaust fans, screw conveyors, or tail pulleys on belt conveyors and elevators. The standard system includes either an NSSM-series or an NSSP-series switch and a pulsar DISC.

SERIE CBAS , DWYER , Belt Alignment Switch

The Model CBAS Belt Alignment Switch is a rugged and reliable conveyor belt alignment switch. The compact die cast aluminum enclosure is designed for easy installation. The switch cover allows for simple access to wiring terminals and CAM adjustments. Belt alignment switches are typically used in pairs with one switch on each side of the conveyor belt mounted near the first and/or last pulley of a conveyor. Each CBAS is equipped with two micro switches, allowing one actuation angle for small belt deviations and a second actuation angle for extreme belt deviations. The actuation angles are factory set at 20 degrees and 35 degrees, each actuation angle can be easily adjusted in the field to fit any application.

SERIES DSS, DWYER Direct-Contact Speed Switch

The Series DSS Direct-Contact Speed Switch is a compact switch designed to include all mechanical and electronic components in one housing. It will produce an output signal at a predetermined speed which may be either over-speed, under-speed or zero-speed. Rugged, heavy-duty construction combined with solid state electronics and photo-electric technology makes this one of the most advanced motion detectors available. Series DSS protects all valuable rotating equipment including belt conveyors, bucket elevators, rotary feeders or screw conveyors. It operates in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction and mounts in any position.

Model CPS , DWYER , Cable Pull Switch

The Model CPS Cable Pull Switch is designed to provide a switching system to isolate the power to the conveyor system or other similar process equipment in event of a shutdown condition. A steel wire is placed along the side of the conveyor and attached to the cable pull switch. When the cable is pulled at any point along the conveyor it will trip the cable pull switch causing the conveyor to shut down. To restart the conveyor the CPS must be manually reset. The CPS has a universal design for bi-directional activation and utilizes a highly visible red flag to indicate the switch status. The compact design makes it ideal for easy installation.