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Series SSE , DWYER ,Stainless Steel Enclosure

THE SERIES SSE STAINLESS STEEL ENCLOSURES are wall mounted enclosures designed to house electrical controls, instruments, and components in locations that are wet, oily, or may be regularly hosed down. The enclosure features seamless welds, butt hinges that allow 180° of rotation, a quarter turn latch that can be opened/closed with a screwdriver, ground studs on the door and body, and standoffs for mounting additional sub-panels. Mounting holes and mounting feet allow for versatile mounting. The oil-resistant gasket, sealing washers, and hole plugs ensure that the components are protected at all times. Optional sub-panels and drip shields can be purchased separately. Mounting feet are included with the SSE-J but must be purchased separately for the SSE-E enclosures. This series is the perfect accessory for a variety of instrumentation in need of full protection.

Series CSE-3R, DWYER ,Galvannealed Steel Enclosures

The Series CSE-3R Carbon Steel Enclosures are spot-welded, wall mounted enclosures designed to house electrical controls, instruments, and components in an outdoor environment. The enclosure features concealed hinges that allow 180° of rotation, a quarter turn latch that can be opened/closed with a screwdriver, and ground studs on the door and body. Mounting holes on the back of the enclosure allow for versatile mounting and standoffs provide easy installation of optional sub-panels. A rain cap and an oil resistant door gasket will protect instruments from rain, sleet, and snow. Each unit includes a 3/8-16 grounding kit and has the option of including a sub-panel, mounting strap, and/or a drip shield. This series is the perfect accessory for a variety of instrumentation in need of outdoor protection.

Series BPI, DWYER ,Battery Powered Temperature Indicator

The Series BPI Battery Powered Indicator accepts RTD or Thermocouple input and provides local or remote display of temperature measurements. Quickly navigate the menu system to customize for each application. Three push buttons allow the user to select input type, engineering units (°F or °C), offset temperature, decimal point position, and password protection. The indicator is housed in a polycarbonate NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure for additional protection from the environment.

SERIES LCI508 & LCI608 , DWYER ,Digital Panel Meter

The Series LCI508/608 Digital Panel Meters offer high performance and a multitude of features for displaying and manipulating input variables. The unit accepts analog process input, load cell and potentiometer inputs. Standard features include data hold, peak and valley display, store function, tare function and reset. Both models offer a built-in excitation power supply. The Series LCI508/608 can be fitted with optional output modules for control capabilities.

The Model LCI508 is designed with 31 programmable functions and a high conversion rate of 555 reads per second. Up to 30 points can be set using the multipoint scaling function for non linear applications.

The Model LCI608 is designed for measuring and integrating analog signals containing two sets of information simultaneously (for example, Flow and Totalization). The units can be configured to accept and display two analog input signals and allowing interaction between them. The model LCI608 offers 26 logical programmable functions.

Series DPMP, DWYER ,LCD Digital Panel Meter

THE SERIES DPMP LCD DIGITAL PANEL METER provides easy viewing on the 3-1/2 digit LCD display. The display segments are available in a choice of amber, red or green. The meter features user-selectable engineering units, adjustable zero and span and field-selectable decimal point position. The snap-in bezel mount eliminates mounting hardware for quick installation. A 24 VDC power supply is required for the operation of the backlight.

SERIES LTI , DWYER ,Temperature Panel Meter

The Series LTI Temperature Panel Meters can be configured in a variety of configurations to provide visual indication and control of a process temperature. Field pluggable modules are available to add additional relay outputs, digital I/O ports, and serial communications. Utilizing an easy-to-read, dual 6-digit display, more descriptive programming parameters are displayed to simplify initial setup. A set of parameters can be copied from one panel meter to another for applications that require multiple panel meters programmed with the same parameters. The industry standard 1/8 DIN housing can be panel mounted or mounted in one of the NEMA 4X panel meter enclosures. All of the Series LTI panel meters come with universal thermocouple and RTD inputs.

Note: Shallow depth meters will not work with this Series.

SERIES APM , DWYER ,Analog Panel Meter

The Series APM has a unique, rugged, NEMA 4X front panel design that makes it nearly impenetrable in typical applications. The weatherproof, UV resistant, large, dual line display allows for more information making it easier to read and even simpler to program. The intensity of the display can be adjusted allowing this meter to be utilized in dark rooms as well as outdoors, due to its sunlight readable display. It features up to eight visual alarm set points to trigger certain events and three function keys which can be programmed to provide direct menu access. With up to four relays available, the APM features latching, nonlatching, sampling, pump alteration control, and a fail-safe action. Offering programmable delay time, this meter prevents recognition of false maximum or minimum reading which may be caused by the start-up or unusual process events. The APM provides three security passwords that restrict modification of programmed settings. This unit has the ability to obtain non-linear input signals and linearize them with simple to use math functions such as square-root extractor, weirs and flumes exponential linearizer, horizontal round tank linearizer or general purpose 32-point linearizer. Unit accepts 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5V, or ±10V inputs and requires 85-265 VAC or 12/24 VDC power supply. Choose from RS-232, RS-422/485 serial communication options or any available expansion modules, accessories, and enclosures.